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Federal corruption victimizes citizens. Dishonest federal employees need be accountable.

I have been involved with a bank fraud matter since February, 2018 which exposed corruption and malfeasance within US Treasury and an area within US Treasury, the Bureau of Fiscal Service. It was documented that Bureau of Fiscal Service twic gave a federal contract to Comerica Bank which was to dispense federal funds from different sources (Social Security and VA Benefits, and others) to persons requesting a debit card be used to transmit the money. Not only did Comerica Bank get paid, they failed to provide any security on the card, failed to give cardholders transaction notification, and violated many tenants of Regulation E (15USC1693) which governs banks and electronic transfer of funds.

We all hear stories about corruption in Washington, D.C. I my years many corrupt individuals came my way. I will be documenting this story with Comerica Bank and Bureau of Fiscal Service, as well as other incidences of corruption. You have an open invitation to contact me and contribute to this blog. Your input will be valuable.

You can visit Erik Publishing and see our books about corruption and also find beginner tips for those interested in writing a book about your exposure to corruption within our government.

We want persons to contribute their knowledge, and to help others.

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Supreme Court shields corrupt federal employees

Notwithstanding the Freedom of Information Act’s primary goal of promoting transparency in government decision-making, the Supreme Court on Thursday ruled by a 7-to-2 vote that the public policy of facilitating agency candor in exercising its expertise in preliminary agency deliberations can outweigh such transparency and accountability concerns. Justice Amy Coney Barrett delivered the 11-page opinion, her…

Hollow Conceit of US Federal Employees

If you think personal and professional corruption and malfeasance of public sector employees is relegated to Third World countries, “Banana Republics” and other non-English speaking countries, I envy your ability to compartmentalize your life and avoid contemplation of subjects which increase your heartbeat rate past 60 beats per minute. Americans like to believe bribery, kickbacks,…

Social Security Administration Hides Corruption: Restricts FOI Request

The Social Security Administration has been exposed as having a toxic culture; they protect incompetence within the agency, refuse to engage in dialogue which would require accountability, attack anyone who would dare challenge competence or integrity of an employee, deny that any SSA employee is complicit with criminal fraud activity, and shield SSA from any…

A division of US Treasury, BFS, hides how your money is spent and keeps you silent.

The US Department of Treasury serves many functions, which include dispensing and collecting tax dollars. The Bureau of Fiscal Service, a division of Treasury, collects and dispenses handles this function of Treasury. With regard to dispensing money, Bureau of Fiscal Service, to be referred to as BFS, pays independent contractors to be the conduit to…

Fraud Reports: Confusion/Excuses

Federal corruption is alive and well within US Treasury as dishonest people at Bureau of Fiscal Service use corrupt banks as contractors.

What are OIG Reports?

OIG reports hide federal corruption. Dishonest federal employees defend one another.

Federal Corruption: Accountability vs Consequences

If you are a citizen, employed in the private sector, you understand what it is like having to deal with public sector/”government” employees who have the power to regulate what you do, and they are not accountable to you. You ask them questions, and they will tell you the information is not available for you…

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